Japanese Free Fonts Including Kanji

About 50 Japanese free fonts including kanji are downloadable on the web.

Some authors created fonts as their hobby, while others created fonts to promote their products, such as for logo designs, carved name seals, or other for-pay fonts. I am very thankful to them and use the fonts.

My profile image is from the Tanuki Permanent Marker font. It is pop and easy to read.

Tanuki-Zamurai, the author of this font, also created other fonts. For example, the Jiyu no Tsubasa Font imitates the font used in the theme music of the animation “Attack on Titan.” I have not watched it, but it has been very popular since the animation began airing in April 2013.

If there is any chance, try the fonts. When you use them, you must read the acceptable use policies carefully.

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